Prescription Costs

If you are not entitled to free prescriptions and you think you will have to pay for four or more prescriptions in three months, or 15 or more items in 12 months, you may find it cheaper to buy a prescription prepayment certificate (PPC).

You can only use the PPC for your own NHS prescriptions. The PPC will start from the date of your application or phone call unless you request a different start date. You can request a start date of up to one month earlier or one month later than the date of your application or phone call.

Details of the current prescription charges and prepayment certificate costs are available from the NHS Health Costs Webpage

You can choose to pay for a 12 month PPC in a lump sum or by 10 monthly direct debit instalments. If you pay by direct debit you are entering into a commitment to pay all the instalments.

You buy a PPC at Ruxley Pharmacy

Remember to apply for a new PPC in good time. If you don’t, you will have to pay prescription charges when your old PPC runs out.

If you have to pay a prescription charge while you are waiting for your PPC, you can’t get a refund unless you have an NHS receipt. The NHS receipt form is an FP57. The Pharmacist or dispensing doctor can only issue an FP57 at the time you pay a prescription charge. They can’t give you one later. You can claim for the refund of prescription charges up to three months after paying. The FP57 form tells you what to do.

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